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Все чаты🥅 Сетки сайтов: как выбирать и покупать PBN ссылки

🥅 Сетки сайтов: как выбирать и покупать PBN ссылки

Интересное видео на канале Олеси Коробки, в котором Роб Рок поделился своим опытом.


00:00​ Who is Rob Rok, how PBN service started

04:05​ Rank Club tier 1 and tier 2 network size

05:45​ Tier2 PBN links best use

07:02​ Why Rank Club doesn't block crawlers

09:28​ How to choose PBN links by metrics?

11:27​ TF / CF Metrics

12:39​ How to use anchors?

13:57​ How many PBN links are needed

14:55​ How long should I keep PBN links

17:12​ Terms and conditions for buyers

17:53​ Is it hard to manage PBNs?

19:03​ What if PBN links seem to have no effect

19:51​ Can PBN links be used for whitehat websites?

20:45​ Why client cannot use other vendors PBNs when using your service?

23:10​ Did Rank Club's network get de-indexed often?

23:44​ Maybe Google just doesn't take PBN links into account any more?

24:44​ How to test PBN network

30:13​ Are the prices increasing on PBNs?

32:50​ Will PBN links stop working?

33:31​ What Rob Rok plans for the future

PBN Backlinks: ✊ How to Choose and Buy PBN Backlinks | Rank Club Guide by Rob Rok

Михаил Шакин, @burzhunet

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