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Все чаты​43-шаговое руководство по обновлению контента для компаний B2B/SaaS


​43-шаговое руководство по обновлению контента для компаний B2B/SaaS

Весь список с картинки:

Striking-Distance Keywords

— Go to Ahrefs/SEMRUSH

— — Add the target URL

— — Set the filter to show keywords ranking #3 to #20

— Go to Google Search Console

— — Add the target URL → Set the date range to 6 months minimum

— — Export the queries sheet

— — Highlight queries with high impressions/clicks that aren't ranking in the top #3

— Add extra content sections that cover the keywords in depth

— Tweak H1 and subheadings to include the target keywords

Internal Links Building

— Go to Ahrefs to find pages with internal links ops

— — Set up an Audit Project and let it crawl

— — Go to the Internal Linking Opportunities report

— — Add a filter for "Keyword Context" and input your target keyword

— The manual approach:

— — Go to

— — Use the site's operator in the search bar: "target keyword"

— — Google will show all pages that include this keyword

— Access your Google Search Console

— — Filter results by blog and queries containing "Target keyword"

E-E-A-T Audit

— Ensure content includes external links to authoritative sources

— Add author credentials in bio

— Regular fact checking/update content

— Ensure the website uses HTTPS and has no security issues.

— Check if the content is comprehensive, accurate, and reflects current knowledge in its field.

— Add Positive reviews from third-party platforms or testimonials

— Site shouldn't have irrelevant content that detracts from the main focus

Content Gaps

— Search for the target keyword/topic on SERPs

— — Note down the headings of top ranking competitors

— — Cross check with your current content for missing topics

— — Add extra content sections that cover missing topics

— Go to Ahrefs

— — Go to the Site Explorer

— — Go to the Content Gap report

— — Add the top 5 ranking competitors' EXACT URLs

— — Add extra content sections that cover missing topics/keywords


— Analyze top ranking pages' UX/format/digestibility

— — Note down how they structure:

— — — Medias

— — — Headings

— — — Writing style and tone

— — — Paragraph length & white spaces

— — — CTAs & internal links

— — Go to Ahrefs Position History

— — — Note down pages that see an increase in ranking over the past 1-2 years

— — — Use the Wayback Machine to note changes they've implemented

— Adopt them to your page and most importantly, be creative and add unique angles so your page could be more valuable to users


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