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Все чаты🐶 Апдейт Google Review в 2021: наши мысли и исследование

🐶 Апдейт Google Review в 2021: наши мысли и исследование

Ребята из Authority Hacker поделились информацией по апрельскому апдейту Google Product Reviews, который затронул обзорники.


00:00 Intro

01:35 How's it going Mark?

02:20 What's Google's latest update about?

03:25 Google's Best of Everything

09:45 Google's Updated Quality Guidelines

15:55 EAT and Topic Experts - What's new?

18:47 Creating original reviews

21:35 How to be an expert

26:05 Do you need hands-on experience?

36:15 How to properly assess product features

40:46 How to compare products against each other

43:38 Properly assessing Pros and Cons

48:55 How to handle product updates

52:00 Identifying key areas of interest

55:20 Assessing the manufacturers claims

56:46 What would Authority Hacker changed based on these updates?

1:01:00 Authority Hacker Pro is BACK!

Google Review Update 2021: Our Analysis & Thoughts

Михаил Шакин, @burzhunet

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