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Все чатыПривет всем, Свежий Google Webmaster Hangouts, на удивление...

Привет всем,

Свежий Google Webmaster Hangouts, на удивление очень много интересностей:

Googlebot May Crawl URLs Found From Submitted Forms

Google may try to submit forms to see what happens, and then crawl any new URLs it finds resulting in an increase in crawl activity.

Google Recommends Avoiding Internal Links to Redirects

Google recommends avoiding internal links to redirecting URLs to improve the page speed for users, and because it may impact which URL Google shows in search results. Long Redirect chains can take longer to process.

The Link Title Attribute Isn’t Important for Google

Google picks up information about a link from the anchor text and the context of the link, so the title attribute isn’t necessary for SEO, but may be good for accessibility.

Last Modified Dates in Sitemaps Helps Google to Prioritise Crawling

Google recommends using last modified dates in Sitemaps to help them prioritise which URLs to crawl. It’s OK to implement the last modified dates and other metadata for some URLs not all of them.

Reducing the Number of Pages on Large Sites Can Help

Reducing the number of pages on a very large site can help Google to figure out which pages are the most important, but probably won’t have any impact for a small site.

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